Select Art Ltd. was founded in 1990.
Our company offers complex services in the fields of general design, implementation and facility management based on its many years of professional and market experience.
They key to our success has been - among others - our extensive array of different services that supplement and complete each other.
Our main goal is to cover every possible task connected to estates from finding the building site and making the design, through full execution and surveying, to giving assistance in optimizing your operations or in selling the estate.
We have established our current company structure and service portfolio according to this principle. These branches work together in a synchronized and constructive manner. Managing our business along the lines of reliability, effectiveness and maximum quality has always been another part of our success.
Select Art Ltd. has proved all these in many projects during the years. A great number of our clients return to take our services again and again.
Our target groups are Hungarian and International clients whose overall expectations and requirements in terms of quality are above today's average.