Running-costs optimization,
function change and development

Creation of technical portfolios prior to estate transactions

Installation of intelligent building control and surveillance systems





Facility Management (FM)


Select Art Ltd. has met new complex client needs with its new facility management services. With a decade of experience in architecture, interior design and executor skills we can provide a custom tailored FM service in close cooperation with our innovative and reliable designers.

Primarily we deal with the architectural, technical, infrastructural surveying and analysis of the estate, processing the information and loading them into databases. These detailed and comprehensive CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) databases will be the starting point for the intelligent facility management software that can provide you with multidimensional summaries of information of they same type.

We base our registers, forecasts and suggestion for optimization on this data.

(CAFM - Computer Aided Facility Management - stands for software, databases and procedures that sum up all the IT methods that support Facility Management.)

The activities of our company are very diversified but we put huge emphasis in each of our projects on client discretion and electronic data protection.


Our services:

  • Surveying, analysis and digital documentation of the estate
  • Making decision supporting surveys prior to estate purchase or sale
  • Optimization and modernization of engineering systems
  • Energy management
  • Area and asset management
  • Design, modification and installing of workstations
  • Control systems
  • Management of maintenance procedures
  • Architectural and engineering design
  • Management of construction and investment projects
  • Creation of databases