Running-costs optimization,
function change and development

Creation of technical portfolios prior to estate transactions

Installation of intelligent building control and surveillance systems





Surveys prior to estate purchase

We offer these services to companies who are looking for new offices or estates. The goal of the survey is to give a clear view on the conditions of the estate to the client. We examine the estate to see if it fits the client's goals and business plans in terms of engineering and infrastructure, and to find out what architectural or technical changes need to be made to achieve economical and smooth operation.


Surveys prior to estate sale

This is another important area where the contribution of our services can be measured in actual numbers.
The goal of the survey is to make a portfolio of architectural, engineering and infrastructural analysis that will help to determine and support the salability of the estate.

If you are missing these vital pieces of information about the estate or you fail to present them effectively, you won't be able to sell your estate on a high value.